This program is designed to assist eligible households at risk of homelessness or housing instability due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Have a pen and paper ready to write down the confirmation number and appointment details, and also be prepared to enter the 10-digits for a working phone number where you can be reached for follow up information and the last four digits of your social security number or ITIN number.

To qualify for assistance, applicants must:

  • Be a renter legally residing in Jefferson County;
  • Have a legally binding lease that covers the assistance period; and
  • Demonstrate that they have suffered financially from COVID-19;

Additional criteria include:

  • Household income must not exceed 80% of the median income for Louisville.
  • Must include at least one household member who has experienced financial hardship due either directly or indirectly to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Funds are paid directly to the landlord.

Currently all Neighborhood Place locations remain closed to walk-in clients in accordance with CDC guidelines. Applicants will be required to either drop off all required documentation in a secure drop box at the Neighborhood Place site selected using this appointment system or submit their application and documents online. If you prefer to apply online, please use the online system to schedule your appointment by visiting the neighborhood Place website Once again that is Select COVID Assistance Programs from the site menu. The online system is fast and easy to use so you may prefer to use this method.

If you prefer to submit your documents in person, on the day of your appointment, drop off your application and documentation in the drop box at the Neighborhood Place site you selected. You WILL NOT NEED to wait at the site. A Neighborhood Place staff member will contact you within 5 business days to let you know the status of your application.

Gather the required documentation – which is listed in more detail in this recording – and place it in ONE OF THE PINK ENVELOPES PROVIDED NEAR THE DROP BOX, make sure you fill in the identifying information on the pink envelope and then place it in the drop box. Copies of the required documentation are preferred; documents will not be returned. Please be aware if scheduling your appointment at the East End Drop Box, there is no copier at this location.

Eligibility for all programs is subject to program calendars, fund availability, appointment availability, verifiable household income and family size.

Required Documentation includes:

  • Picture ID for ALL adult members (18 yrs. and older) in the household
  • Proof of social security for all household members, or ITIN numbers, or proof of age for under 2 years old. OR self-declared for Undocumented persons
  • The 2020 Federal Tax Returns for all adults in the household or total Household income from the previous 2 months. You will need to use the Rental Assistance application form found at the Drop Box to indicate income amounts for the previous 2 months for anyone over the age of 18. Types of income considered for this program are either:
    • Employment income, indicate the gross amount; and/or
    • Social Security or Disability income
    • You will need to provide supporting documents for any employment income or SSI/SSDI that applied to your household during the previous 2 months. If your household did not have any income for the previous 2 months, you can declare that on the application form.
  • The gross household income must fall at or below 80% AMI (Area Median Income) within the last 60 days to be eligible.
  • Copy of the most recent lease or rental agreement;
  • Past-Due rent notice if applicable;
  • Completed Rental Assistance Application Form and Landlord/Tenant Agreement found at the Drop Boxes or downloaded from
  • W-9 for landlords not already in our rent assistance system.
  • Place all your documents in the pink envelopes provided near the drop box. These envelopes are labeled “Rent Assistance” and require you to write on them your NAME, APPOINTMENT DATE, and CONTACT INFORMATION.

Eviction Prevention Assistance program PHASE II -- 80% of AMI Louisville, Ky-IN HUD Metro FMT Area
Persons in Household 80% of AMI Louisville, KY-IN HUD Metro FMT Area*
1 $3,616
2 $4,133
3 $4,650
4 $5,166
5 $5,583
6 $5,995
7 $6,408
8 $6,820


Louisville Metro Community Services seeks to reduce poverty and help low-income citizens of Jefferson County, Kentucky to meet critical needs and become self-sufficient.

Drop Box Locations of Louisville Metro Community Services - Eviction Prevention Assistance program PHASE II

There are eight Neighborhood Place Drop Boxes for the Eviction Prevention Assistance program PHASE II:

  • South Central Neighborhood Place is located at 4255 Hazelwood Avenue, Louisville, KY 40215
  • Neighborhood Place Ujima is located at 3610 Bohne Avenue, Louisville, KY 40211
  • Bridges of Hope Neighborhood Place is located at 1411 Algonquin Parkway, Louisville, KY 40210
  • First Neighborhood Place is located at 4810 Exeter Avenue, Louisville, KY 40218
  • Cane Run Neighborhood Place is located at 3410 Lees Lane, Louisville, KY 40216
  • Northwest Neighborhood Place, Academy of Shawnee located at 4018 W. Market, Louisville, KY 40212
  • South Jefferson Neighborhood Place, located at 1000 Neighborhood Place, Fairdale, KY 40118
  • East End Drop Box, located at 2927 Goose Creek Rd., 40241, door 101 of the 8 th Division Police Station (Be aware there is not a copier available at the East End Drop Box)

Within minutes of making your appointment, you should receive a confirmation email with a calendar appointment attached to the email. In addition, you will also receive a phone reminder the day before your appointment.

Appointments can be changed or canceled at any time on this website. You can also make or cancel an appointment at any time (24/7) using our automated phone system by dialing (502) 308-3344 and following the instructions.